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Any academic institution of repute differentiates itself by providing an ecosystem of practical learning and exposure stints beyond classrooms. Having vibrant student committees on campus is one of the effective ways to provide opportunities of peer learning to students through which they may pursue their passion and in this process inculcate technical as well as managerial competencies over a period of time.

At NMIMS-Indore, in a short span of around a year, students have nurtured a few committees which conduct various academic and cultural activities under the guidance of faculty members.





Samvaad, a student governed committee established in the year 2020, incorporated in it the intrinsic value of the Ancient Indian Philosophy ~वादे वादे जायते तत्त्वबोधः meaning,"Truth is discovered and assimilated or realized by debates and discussions,". The committee aims to facilitate inclusive and accessible platform for new generation of aspiring lawyers by encouraging them to think wisely, talk valiantly, and debate logically. In order to foster this goal, Samvaad provides a platform for all the students of NMIMS Indore to connect, support, and inspire a diverse community of the Institute while also nurturing and honing oratory, research and analytical skills. The Debsoc engages in activities which develops the oratory skills of budding lawyers. Not only this, it's a forum for all those who find passion in putting forward their opinions in front of the world. Throughout these years, the committee has conducted regular workshops and training sessions, introduced newer formats of debating and went nationally to organise the Asian Parliamentary debate competition. By this, we at Samvaad hope to hone your existing skills as well as identify the potential debators in the community as well.

Convenor: Vipasha Shukla (SOL)

Email: vipasha.shukla43@nmims.edu.in

Co-Convenor: Anuja Rathi (SOL)

Email: anuja.rathi21@nmims.edu.in



The Marketing Club! Purpose of Brandwiser is to create an atmosphere that enables students with knowledge and understanding of modern business practices, important career skills and the economy. Brandwiser is a great opportunity for students to exchange marketing experience and ideas, as well as to meet people with similar interests and it acts as a platform for marketing enthusiasts.

Member: Dewang Baid (SOC)

Email: dewang.baid150@nmims.edu.in

Member: Gopika Nair (SBM)

Email: gopika.nair133@nmims.edu.in

Member: Priyal Goyal (SBM)

Email: priyal.goyal718@nmims.edu.in

Member: Shreyas Sood (SBM)

Email: shreyas.sood460@nmims.edu.in

Member: S.Sooraj (SBM)

Email: s.sooraj242@nmims.edu.in,



The Finance People @ NMIMS-Indore! Derived from Sanskrit the means "matter". Purpose is to bring like-minded people at the same platform to share knowledge related to Finance field. To facilitate the same, Dravya members are active in organizing guest lectures, conducting finance quizzes, seminars etc.

Member: Padamja Sharma (SBM)

Email: padamja.sharma358@nmims.edu.in

Member: Pratham Parida (SBM)

Email: pratham.parida025@nmims.edu.in

Member: Shivam Gumber (SBM)

Email: shivam.gumber521@nmims.edu.in

Member: Tanish Jain (STME)

Email: tanish.jain447@nmims.edu.in



NMIMS Indore proudly present élan, a forum to promote HR related activities aimed at providing practical learning opportunities to students and networking with industry stakeholders. The club conducts various activities related to Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management & Leadership. élan also aim to conduct inter B-school competition related to the domain.

Member Priya Sapra (SBM)

Email: priya.sapra167@nmims.edu.in

Member Pooja Devi (SBM)

Email: pooja.devi229@nmims.edu.in

Member Sai Abhishiktha (SBM)

Email: abhishiktha.yedlapalli427@nmims.edu.in

Member Riddhi Gupta (SOL)

Email: riddhi.gupta629@nmims.edu.in



Prodencia aims to create awareness among students about importance of Operations Management in industry and related career prospects available. Also, by making students to interact with various operations driven companies from Manufacturing, Automobile, Electronics, Logistics etc. Prodencia expect to develop necessary skillset among students which make them relevant for entry level positions in this sector

Member: Dhruv Wadhwa (SBM)

Email: Dhruv.wadhwa871@nmims.edu.in

Member: Paravi Bewal (SBM)

Email: paravi.bewal641@nmims.edu.in

Member: Anshika Garg (SBM)

Email: anshika.garg106@nmims.edu.in

Member: Rittik Choudhury (SBM)

Email: rittik.choudhury966@nmims.edu.in




With a motive to provide a common platform for Interdisciplinary Technical Activities of the College, STME, NMIMS, INDORE campus launched the TURING club in 2018. The club aims to technically strengthen the students by integrating their skills in the various fields of Engineering & technology, so as to cope up with the highly competitive environment. The activities of the club include:

  • Introductory Session
  • Digital India Day Celebration
  • Project Competition
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Technical Cup events

Secretary: Rahul Singh

 Email : Rahul.Sungh12@nmims.edu.In| Phone: 8347823834





Sequitur bridges the gap between management and technology. We at Sequitur understand that data is the future and Data Analytics will change the way we live and do business. Learning is at the heart of Sequitur. We are backed by an enthusiastic team with varied backgrounds, passionate about data, bringing in different perspectives on all things data. This makes peer to peer learning exciting. We equip students with the knowledge of how data analytics is used in everyday lives. We aim to make students industry ready by training them in the most sought-after data analytical skills, giving an edge to budding managers.

Member: Kush Bhandari (SBM)

Email: kush.bhandari350@nmims.edu.in

Member: Abhhishek Narayan (SBM)

Email: abhishek.narayan065@nmims.edu.in

Member: Runjhun Rastogi (SBM)

Email: runjhun.rastogi492@nmims.edu.in





"Being Curious" is what we always are. This is why we are consultants.
Mantrana is the official Research, Strategy and Consulting Club of NMIMS, Indore. Our Name Mantrana (मंत्रणा) means: when a group of people discuss together to give an advice or consultation. Our logo here depicts the same. The goal of our club is to increase the overall development of its members to become future consultants.

Member: Reuel Dcosta (SBM)

Email: Reuel.dcosta177@nmims.edu.in

Member: Mayuresh Salvi (SBM)

Email: mayuresh.salvi027@nmims.edu.in


MCTAS- Moot Court & Trial Advocacy Society

Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Society of SVKM's NMIMS Indore is the sole authority which hold the rights to organize events related to Moot Courts and Trial Advocacy. Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Society aims to groom the budding lawyers and familiarize them with the practical aspects of Law. We aim to provide an exceptional mooting experience to avid budding lawyers.

Committee e-mail ID- mctas.solindore@nmims.edu

Student Convener: Mr. Atharv Dave

Email: atharva.dave05@nmims.edu.in & Ms. Hiya Gandhi (Email id- hiya.gandhi508@nmims.edu.in)

Co-Convenor: Mr. Anuj Soni (Mob no. – 7354684969) & Ms. Tanushree Pandeya (Mob no. 8319227314)





Social Responsibility Committee envisions that every individual should feel her responsibility towards society to bring in positive change. This would not only set the thrust for a much needed moral upliftment but also make this world a better place to live. In near future Samarthan plans to work closely with NGOs and CSR wings of companies and identify meaningful solutions for the society.

Secretary: Shweta Shah

Email: shweta.shah26@nmims.edu.in | Phone: 9619681225



"Weird is the world they say…mind you! It's not the world that's weird but just the thought process" …NMIMS Indore has come up with Literary Club to kindle the spark of knowledge into the darkness of myths and beliefs. It sets to break the ice for effective knowledge transfers across dimensions. Jagruti helps spread the word of innovation to enlighten enthusiastic souls and provide the zeal to survive the chaos.

Secretary: Avinash Shrivastava

Email: avinash.shrivastava51@nmims.edu.in | Phone: 6260487729



Icarus has a mission to add rhythm to peoples life & help transform their morals from being technical Samaritans to culturally sound protagonist considering the world a stage. The activities of this Cultural Club is to persuade people to cherish spark of talent that helps in the overall development, keeping the lamp of an effective societal intellect glowing.

Secretary: Niraj Vispute

Email: niraj.vispute19@nmims.edu.in | Phone: 9112183554



"To have a healthy mind one has to have a healthy body." It becomes even more relevant in this era of stress. NMIMS Indore has a student driven club named AAROGYA aimed at wellbeing of everyone through exercise, sports and Yoga. Sports also inculcate managerial skills like risk taking, team skills, leadership etc. Hence, the club organizes various events of intra-institute & inter-institute level.

Member: Rahul Nair (SBM)

Email: runjhun.rastogi492@nmims.edu.in

Member: Neha Manoj (SBM)

Email: neha.km850@nmims.edu.in

Member: Sakshi Jadhav (SBM)

Email: sakshi.jadhav979@nmims.edu.in

Member: Gousul Jamal (SBM)

Email: gousul.jamal440@nmims.edu.in

Member: Keshav S Jhawar (SOC)

Email: keshav.jhawar413@nmims.edu.in

Member: Vanshika Nyati (SOC)

Email: vanshika.nyati411@nmims.edu.in

Member: Shivani Bhawalkar (SOC)

Email: shivani.bhawalkar543@nmims.edu.in

Member: Arsh Parwez (SOC)

Email: arsh.parwez414@nmims.edu.in

Member: Nikhil Sharma (SOL)

Email: nikhil.sharma199@nmims.edu.in

Member: Khushi Sharma (SOL)

Email: Khushi.sharma607@nmims.edu.in

Member: Abhishek Nema (SOL)

Email: abhishek.nema88@nmims.edu.in

Member: Alok Narayan Pathak (SOL)

Email: alok.pathak16@nmims.edu.in

Member: Aditya Agrawal (STME)

Email: aditya.agrawal254@nmims.edu.in

Member: Sarthak waliwadekar (STME)

Email: sarthak.waliwadekar314@nmims.edu.in

Member: Meshika Singh (STME)

Email: meshika.singh355@nmims.edu.in

Member: Shubham Jangid (STME)

Email: shubham.jangid443@nmims.edu.in



"Aalochak, the Review Club of NMIMS Indore, is a platform for people who love to express their unbiased and in-depth views on things which matter. We provide a critique, in the form of articles and discussions, on themes like cinema, drama, music, news, sports, cuisine, dance, art forms and many other topics. We are committed to providing a forum which respects every individual's opinion and creating a culture of mutual respect and appreciation of multiple viewpoints.

Secretary: Yash Mundhra​

Email: yash.mundhra39@nmims.edu.in| Phone: 7045771260



The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning centre. We strive to inculcate the skills and resources required in the minds of our future Entrepreneurs. We provide a platform for the student body to develop the skills required to start their own business.

Member: Sumadhura Garre (SBM)

Email: sumadhura.garre583@nmims.edu.in

Member: Ishita Jain (SOL)

Email: ishita.jain39@nmims.edu.in

Member: Akshat Kharche (SOC)

Email: akshat.kharche583@nmims.edu.in

Member: Sarthak Agrawal (SOC)

Email: sarthak.agarwal489@nmims.edu.in



WeCare Committee is a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee which focuses on aligning sustainability and business development goals for young budding managers as they take their first step into the corporate world. The Committee strives towards fostering corporate connections with CSRs & NGOs for holistic growth of Svkm's NMIMS Indore campus and enriching the brand value.

Member: Aditi Sinha (SBM)

Email: aditi.sinha230@nmims.edu.in

Member: Mannat Oberoi (SBM)

Email: mannat.oberoi262@nmims.edu.in

Member: Shreya Jadhav (SBM)

Email: shreya.jadhav028@nmims.edu.in

Member: Yash Massey (SBM)

Email: yash.massey880@nmims.edu.in



The Public Relations Committee of NMIMS Indore plays a pivotal role in enhancing the institute's visibility and communication to the outside world. Comprising a dedicated team of dynamic individuals, their work revolves around building and maintaining a positive image of the institution among various stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni, and the general public. Through strategic communication, they aim to highlight the institute's achievements, initiatives, and unique offerings, effectively showcasing NMIMS Indore as a centre of academic excellence and innovation

Member: Vinit Motiyani (SBM)

Email: vinitmotiyani140@nmims.edu.in

Member: Pranjali Kumar (SBM)

Email: pranjali.kumar030@nmims.edu.in

Member: Abhinaba Haldar (SBM)

Email: abhinaba.haldar819@nmims.edu.in

Member: Mankirat Singh (SBM)

Email: mankiratsingh661@nmims.edu.in

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