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In addition to the classroom teaching, NMIMS-Indore keeps the regular interaction with industry guests as one of the key activities to make students aware about handling workplace issues using classroom concepts. In its pursuit, frequent area specific guest lectures are conducted which are attended by students of all the areas to develop a cross functional appetite and use best practices of other areas when they choose to work in a particular area.


School of Technology Management and Engineering, NMIMS Indore Campus

Brief Report on Sunday Tech Series-I "My First Project on Java”

Date: 14th June 2020
Schedule:4pm to 6pm

STME, NMIMS Indore organized its first ever Technical Webinar of "The Sunday Tech Series” on"My First Project on JAVA” on 14th June 2020 at 4 pm. "The Sunday Tech Series” is a series of webinars launched to make the best use of technology and time during this Pandemic and to not limit the learning process. It includes webinars conducted every Sunday focusing on different programming languages and many more by the students of school. The convener of Sunday Tech Series, Dr Aaquil Bunglowala, Associate Dean, STME has played an important role throughout the webinar to make this webinar a successful event. These webinars are open to students who areinterested to build their career in IT /Management etc. from class 10th to 12th as well as first and second Year collegestudents.

More than 500 students registered not only from the various cities of India but from countries like UAE and USA as well. In the beginning of the webinar, a PPT was played on the loop mode describing life at NMIMS Indore Campus. The webinar began with the introduction of honourable Dr. Prachi Gharpure (Campus Director, NMIMS) by Suyash Kaul. She enlightened the participants with her opening address and briefed about the NMIMS Indore Campus as well as the importance of Java as a language.

The session experts Isha Chouhan and Murtaza Sultan, students of III Year started the session by installing of JDK and path setting. The Basics of JAVA Programming were discussed to give continuity to the Webinar. An interesting aspect of the Webinar was the Project. The project was a ‘Number Guessing Game’ in which a random number was selected by the system and the range was displayed to the user. The user had to the guess the number and had five chances to do so. If the number was guessed by the user, the user won the game. After every unsuccessful attempt the range was reduced by the system and if after five chances the user still failed to guess the number, the number was displayed by the system.

The participants were very enthusiastic throughout the webinar and filled the chat box with their queries which were solved by the experts. All the participants were requested to put up their names in chat-box for attendance and fill a feedback for the webinar. The session ended with a vote of thanks given by Ms Sejal Gupta, MBA(Tech.) III Year Student. More than 250 participants successfully completed the first webinar and were able to develop a project using Java. They received the E-Certificates for the same with in the span of 24 Hrs. The webinar was very lively and the response received was amazing.

Organizing Committee

Convener: Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala


Faculty Members


Dr. Munendra Jain

Dr. Vikas Khare

Dr. Nidhi Asthana

Mr. Gaurav Paliwal

Sejal Gupta

Utpal Agrawal

Harshal Kulkarni

Suryansh Sharma

Aashi Patni

Suyash Kaul



Event: A Week long Work shop on Data Analytics (Using Python) and Java

The world is becoming more and more data-driven, with endless amounts of data available to work with. Data analysis is important in business to understand problems facing an organization, and to explore data in meaningful ways. Big companies like Google and Microsoft use data to make decisions, but they’re not the only ones. To become a successful data scientist is not just to know about statistical concepts, data analysis techniques, algorithms and data model very well, data scientists also need to be expert in the right set of analytics tools in order to carry out their tasks efficiently. To overcome the industry need STME SVKM’s NMIMS Indore campus organized a week long workshop on Data Analytics (Using python) and Java. The main focus of the workshop was to make the students ready for data analytics, machine learning and web development domain. By the end of this workshop students were able to apply Data Analytics tools to real time data and forecast prices of various stock options, weather reports, etc. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Rocky Jagtiani, Head of Training and Development, Suven Consultants and Technology. The entire workshop were coordinated by Dr. Dharmendra Sharma. At the end the vote of thanks were given by Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala, Associate dean STME. The event were blessed by Dr. Prachi Gharpure, Director NMIMS Indore campus.



Event: Faculty Development Program on LaTeX at NMIMS Indore

For several decades LaTeX has been the first choice for typesetting in academics, research, scientific writings and publishing. Equations seen on World Wide Web are quite often LaTeX outputs. In 2011, UGC made it mandatory for every Ph.D. candidate to submit their dissertation on the Shodh Ganga portal in LaTeX or EndNote format. Keeping this in mind School of Technology Management & Engineering, NMIMS, Indore organized a one-day Faculty Development Program on LATEX titled "Hands-on Training Workshop on Document Typesetting and Processing using LATEX" on 18th January 2020. The aim of the FDP was to provide basic hands-on knowledge of LaTeX, where researchers from science, technology and management background could obtain the know-how of using it as a tool for technical & scientific research paper-writing, mathematical expression writing, image processing, Beamer-presentation, etc. Professors, academicians, research scientists and scholars, trainers, consultants from various premiere institutes of Indore and M.P. participated in large numbers in this FDP. Dr. Munendra Jain, Associate Professor, STME, NMIMS Indore was the resource person for this FDP. Director NMIMS Indore Dr. Prachi Gharpure welcomed the participants and Associate Dean STME Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala presented the vote of thanks. Coordinator of the FDP was Dr. Rajarshi Sarkar.



Event: Finishing School Grooming Session

 Student Coordinators: Dhanay Turakhiya and Vaibhav Pandey

Towards the preparation for TIP interviews, SVKM’S NMIMS Indore organized a Finishing School Grooming Session by Dr. Ritesh Haldankar, Professor in Life Skills and Communications SBM, NMIMS Mumbai and Dr. Ocean Gonsalves, Principal Consultant at Ocean Consultancy Services (Founder) and Adjunct Faculty (Life Skills), SBM, NMIMS Mumbai for MBA (Tech.) III year students at the institute premises on 11/12/2019.

The major objective of the program was to train students with knowledge and techniques to effectively tackle the interview process, and communicate with impact by improving their verbal and non-verbal communication style, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills.
Dr. Ocean Gonsalves gave an insight of how an interview starts with 2 firm knocks on the door of the interview room and taking permission to enter and lasts till the very second the candidate in present in the room. He laid emphasis on how the interviewer judges the candidate through his body language even before the questioning starts.
The session was then presided by Dr. Ritesh Haldankar who briefed about the differences to adapt in the corporate world. He used mock HR office situation to develop awareness on interviewing techniques to prepare students for future interviews, which turned into a healthy discussion among the students and the faculty where everyone could put forward their point of view.
It was an extremely interactive session and most of the attendees came out with their interest in effective communication. Experts also appreciated the students for good questions. Everyone agreed to the session being an informative one.
All in all it was an eye opener for the all the students who would soon be stepping into the realities of the corporate. The session was conducted smoothly and all the queries from students were answered.


Data Analytics




Data science. It is this buzz word that many have tried to define with varying success.

Thinking about this problem makes one go through all these other fields related to data science – business analytics, data analytics, business intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, and ultimately AI.


Mock Interviews for Summer Internship Preparation




At NMIMS Indore, bringing in practical exposure and hands-on experience are cornerstones of the pedagogy. In order to make the students aware about their strengths and areas of improvements, mock interview sessions were conducted in November for PGDM 1st year students as a part of Business Communication II Course.

Two experts: Mr. Ashish Shakrawar (Entrepreneur, earlier worked with Wipro/Impetus/Tata and an MBA – Marketing from SIIB) and Mr. Sudeep Saxena (Entrepreneur, Practicing Cost Accountant and an MBA –Finance with ICWA) were invited to conduct the interviews for 45 students.

Along with conducting the interviews, experts also helped the students with individual feedbacks about their CV, how to answer particular question, handling the variety of situations the students might be thrown into during the actual interview.


Business Simulation




Business Simulation is a highly effective tool for motivating management students and making them learn the potential of team work. These games impact the participant’s decision making ability, these are one of the most engaging learning platforms a student can encounter. It gives a hands-on experience of every nook and cranny of business to participant’s. All PGDM students became a part of this active learning process organized by placement department and learnt the strategic skills with fun.



Banking Workshop 14th Oct’19




A workshop on Banking System with special reference to BASEL norms was organized by placement department for PGDM final year students. This workshop provided a detailed overview of the history of the Basel Accords and how they evolved. This workshop provided a platform for discussion in an informal and highly interactive environment. The keynote speaker was Mr Amit Kapoor, Ex-Cluster Head ICICI Bank.


Guest Lecture by HDFC




Getting trained from experts enhances the certainty of success. Believing this and finding the high significance of current developments and twists in global financial industry, placement department had organized an expert lecture on Mutual Funds. Mr. Rohit Sharma – Branch Head HDFC AMC Indore, was called upon on 12th of October’2019, to share his insights about the industry performance. During the session the role of Mutual Funds in financial industry was discussed. With a power point presentation and captivating pictures the learning became more interesting. It was an interactive session wherein the queries of students were addressed in detail.



Digital Marketing Workshop




SContinuous learning is an indispensable tool for every career and organization. In addition to the regular program of studies, placement department had organized a 20 hours’ workshop on "Digital Marketing” for PGDM final year students. Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant and Corporate Trainer Mr. Shankey Bansal had conducted the workshop, he is an entrepreneur in web development (Director- Click Multimedia and Data Analytics pvt ltd.) and have trained more than 16000 students in past 9 years. The workshop was fragmented and spread over 4 weeks, giving students enough time to imbibe the concepts. This workshop enables the understanding of students towards the nuances of new web paradigm and shall provide them with variety of career choices.




Cyber Security workshop




SVKM’S NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized a one-day workshop for MBA(Tech.) III and V semester on "Cyber Security” by Mr. Pranay Chauhan, Member of National Cyber Safety & Security standard and Member of Computer Society of India on Aug 10, 2019 .

He gave a powerful presentation on information security, the threats and vulnerabilities. Highlighting the challenges of today in the area of information security and the threats of information being sold, he recommended a cautious approach especially in the light of dangers posed by professional hackers and cyber attackers or hackers' groups and other unorganized forums. He cautioned the participants through different websites, showing them live attacks taking place in the real world. He taught the participants to track emails with a tool in order to make them more secured from suspicious mails that might be used to steal information. In the end, the participants were taught about securing themselves by setting up their own personalized firewall. The session was very lively with active participation from everyone.


Guest Session in Dravya : CMA P. D. Modh
(Ahmedabad Based Senior Management Accountant & Consultant)
11th August 2019
on Success Tools for Finance & Management Professionals



"Experience can be challenged, but knowledge can't."

An intellectual session by erudite CMA P.D. Modh. It was an opportunity to learn the importance of pragmatic application of knowledge gained through academia.
Following were the highlights of the session: -
1. Why MBA is required in the industry.
2. From which kind of organization, we should start our career:
a. Medium: starting designations are high profile such as Executive, Head of the department etc.
b. Large: starting designation could be manager etc.
The answer to this was to always select large company, as there is a wide scope of learning through complex circumstances.
3. Areas in an organization to be targeted post MBA: Corporate accounting, corporate finance, management accounting, audit, taxation, system ERP.
4. Why the end consumer is important for an organization and how to offer satisfaction with added utility.
5. Functions of Finance Management.
6. Tools of finance management and analysis.
7. Key areas to be considered while analysing the performance of the company.
"The magic lies in the process of learn, unlearn and relearn”.


Finance as a Career Option for Techno-Managers


SVKM’S NMIMS School of Technology Management &Engineering, Indore organized a guest lecture on "Finance as Specialization for Engineers” by Dr. Niranjan Shastri for MBA(Tech.) III year on Aug 09, 2019. Dr. Shahstri is Associate Professor in School of Business Management, NMIMS, Indore. Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala, Associate Dean, STME felicitated Dr. Shashtri for the Guest Lecture.

He enlightened students on what finance is and its importance. Dr. Shahstri shared a comparative analysis between finance in a non-financial services company and financial services company and what role a Techno-Manager can play in them. The session cleared many doubts and queries of students. He discussed the prerequisites technical and analytical skills required to become a finance professional. Finally the session concluded with the type of roles an engineer can expect and courses that can be done to kick-start career in finance. It was an interactive session with doubt clearance and rewarding feedback.

Expert talk on "Secure Communication: Historic Perspective to Secret Sharing"

SVKM'S NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized an Expert talk on "Secure Communication: Historic Perspective to Secret Sharing" for MBA Tech I, III & V semester and B.Tech. I semester students at the institute premises on Aug 03, 2019. The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about Information Systems Security. Dr. P. D. Vyavhare is a former Professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. at S. G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore, India. The lecture focused on a general overview about how we protect ourselves from hackers, viruses and malware to practice safe cyber security. The entire session was very insightful as the students got to learn through various life examples.


Think like an Entrepreneur




"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney

On 19th March,2019 NMIMS organised an awareness session aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mindset among students, by CA R. Mahesh Iyer. CA R. Mahesh Iyer is an OLPS, Mumbai and SRCC, Delhi University graduate and a rank holder Chartered Accountant, he brings to the table both multiindustry and multi-functional experience through his 36 years of experience working with leading companies like Accenture, Siemens, LMW group, Diageo, UB Group, BPL, Swedish Match and Zuari.

Mr Iyer talked about innovation. He talked about his experience as to how he changed different jobs and after gathering a lot of experience how he started his own business. He motivated the students as to how they don’t just have to run behind jobs and they can also start something of their own by gathering experience. One statement mentioned by him was, "Don’t focus on the profits first, focus on the product,” which inspired a lot of students. Mr Iyer talked about how one can start their own business for profit as well as for the betterment of the society. He also talked about as to how one should learn how to take risk in their lives, he said that if one learns to take risk in life then one can expect something good to happen. He gave an example of how the share market is risky but at the same there is maximum profit as well.

NMIMS Indore extends humble gratitude to CA R. Mahesh Iyer for sparing his valuable time and enlightening the audience with his presence.



SVKM'S NMIMS School of Technology Management &Engineering, Indore, organized an Expert talk for MBA Tech I & II year students at the institute premises on 16/02/2019. The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about MS excel. Mr. Asfaque Nagpurwala a business analyst with 5.5+ years of consolidated experience in business, production and education sectors with expertise in critical business functions and requirement analysis. The lecture focused on a general overview about MS Excel and its features. He introduced the importance of this particular spreadsheet program which require in many business analysis and personal data organization.



Indian Partnership Act, 1932: A Session by CA Gautam Jain

Knowledge increases by sharing and not saving.”

A guest lecture on the topic "Indian Partnership Act, 1932" was conducted by CA Gautam Jain on Friday 1st February 2019. CA Gautam Jain is the Country head of Investment Banking at SIL and is also Promotor director of GVJ Wealth Managers Pvt Limited. He is also a "Value Investor” and follows ideologies of Mr Warren Buffet.

The lecture focused mainly on The Indian Partnership Act,1932 and topics like the essential elements of the act, Section 13B, Section 464 and the basics of Partnerships were covered during the lecture. The students took it to be an insightful session, learnings of which will be treasured. NMIMS, Indore exhibits a sense of gratitude towards CA Gautam Jain and hope that he has an eternal connect with the students and the campus of NMIMS Indore.



Expert lecture on "Future of Technology" by Dr. P. D. Vayvhare

STME NMIMS Indore organized an expert lecture on Future of Technology by Dr. P. D. Vayvhare (Professor in Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. at S. G. S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore). The lecture was an insightful one, and Dr. P. D. Vayvhare also appreciated two students with gift of books.



Workshop on Words Worth English Language Lab

STME (School of Technology Management & Engineering, NMIMS Indore) organized a workshop by Mr. Moninder Singh for MBA Tech I and III semester students in August 2018. Mr. Singh is the Master trainer with Words-Worth English Language Lab.

The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about Words Worth English Language Lab in which Mr. Singh threw light upon the various aspects of the personality development and the ideologies of how people nowadays are drawn towards the English Language which is a universal need. He also shared the various challenges he has faced while delivering English Language like pronunciation, vocabulary grammar, delivery etc.



"Careers are built Brick by brick" by renowned Social Scientist and thinker Dr. Sandeep Atre.

Date: 19/07/2018
STME NMIMS Indore organized a talk on "Careers are built Brick by brick” by renowned Social Scientist and thinker Dr. Sandeep Atre. The session led students through the Role of Managers and Importance of Technology courses for MBA Tech students. He gave 2 sutras to be a good Manager. they included: Manager is the most prepared person in the room and to be secured inside to take the insecurities outside. Students loved his session.



YOGA TRAINING by Mrs Poonam Joshi.

Date: 18/07/2018
SVKM’S STME Indore organized yoga training by a renowned yoga trainer Mrs Poonam Joshi. Total attendee for this session were 60 which included staff and students and duration was 1 hour. In this session, valuable knowledge of practicing yoga was given to everyone.



Future Management System of Corporates by Mrs. Madhavi Dabholkar

Date: 18/07/2018
STME NMIMS Indore organized a soft skill training by Mrs. Madhavi Dabholkar. The theme of session was based on "Future Management System of Corporates”. This session was very interactive and interesting for students and inculcated group activities.



CYBER SECURITY by Mr. Akash Agrawal

Date: 16/07/18
MPSTME, NMIMS Mr. Akash Agrawal apprised the fresh students about how to survive and succeed in NMIMS and how to build a good career in Alumni interaction session, followed by a half-day workshop on CYBER SECURITY. He is a CYBER SECURITY Consultant with Lenskart.com.



Project Management for Software Engineers by Mrs. Tasneem Bunglowala

STME organized an Expert Talk by Mrs. Tasneem Bunglowala in March 2018. The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about Project Management.



The talk for the day was an interactive session throughout, i.e., the entire class was provided with her resume and based upon that, the students had formulated a set of questions which were provided to her beforehand on her request, and she spent most of the time answering those questions. The questions answered by Mrs. Tasneem threw light upon the various aspects of the IT Industry and her answers also gave a brief insight into how a programmer plays an integral role in the development of payment gateways and solutions.

Economic Reforms and Indian Capital Markets

India, in last 48 months have seen various changes and two key decisions of many which impacted the business sector directly are GST and Demonetization. To create awareness about the impact of these Economic reforms on Indian capital markets, in Feb 2018, Committee Dravya organized a session with Mr. Sukumaran K (Dean - National Institute of Securities Market). Mr. Sukumaran briefing on the history of securities market and its inception in India. Further, the batch was given an introduction to different types of financial instruments and details with respect to its rates. Mr. Sukumaran also educated the students as to how important is to Invest money in those financial instruments.

Evolution of ICT Technology & Its Management in India & Abroad

In January 2018, Committee Prodencia organized a guest session delivered by Mr. K. K. Sharma from Videocon Telecom on a very contemporary topic: The Evolution of ICT Technology & Its Management in India & Abroad. The batch got a fair idea about strong linkage of ICT technology and its various applications to the industrial world and how industry leaders use it to advantage. Icing on the cake was to learn about an in depth work life experiences of Mr. K.K Sharma and various researches conducted under him at Videocon Telecom.

GST: Its need, impact and implementation

To equip the batch about nuances of Goods & Services Tax implemented by Central Government, Committee Dravya organized a session with CA Mr. Sunil G Khandelwal. The batch was trained on the topic GST that involved its uses, need, applicability and method of taxation in comparison to the existing taxation system. The batch gained knowledge on cascading effect of current taxation system and how implementation of GST is the best alternative for the given difficulties. Mr. Sunil also briefed the class on model, proposed GST rate and the migration process from the current taxing system to GST.

Expert lecture by Dr. Rajesh Sodani

SVKM’S NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized an Expert Talk by Dr. Rajesh Sodani for MBA Tech students at the institute premises on 01/09/2017. He is a Techno-Management professional having more than 24 years of experience in Teaching, Consulting, Industrial System Designs, Management and Proficiency Development. The talk was based upon problem solving techniques and attitude to make the students industry-ready involving in live projects, strengthening center for innovations to develop entrepreneurship and industry solutions, emphasizing the importance and need for an IPR in present scenario.

Interaction with Mr. Akash Agrawal

SVKM’s NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized an interaction of NMIMS Shirpur student Mr. Akash Agrawal with the newly admitted MBA Tech students at the institute premises on 17 Aug 2017. The major objective of the program was senior student could make it a point to brief the students regarding college life and academics. Akash Agrawal is CS Student, Team Captain UAS NMIMS, keen in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. The program was conducted smoothly & all the queries from students were answered during the end of session.



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