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Student Activities are the manifestation of the creativity the students apply through various academic and non-academic committees under the guidance of a faculty coordinator. Conducting these activities not only put students in real life situations but at the same time hone their managerial skills. More importantly these activities bring much needed vibrancy to the campus life. Following is a collection of various activities students conducted and the memories associated with them.

The Budget Show

“Budgets are not merely affairs of arithmetic, but in a thousand ways go to the root of prosperity of individuals, the relation of classes and the strength of kingdoms”

Dravya, The Finance Learning Centre of NMIMS Indore organized a competition “The Budget Show” for its students of PGDM I & II year. The students got an opportunity to highlight their skills to analyze the union budget by giving presentations on the topics allotted to them, namely:
· Corporate Sector
· Railway Sector
· Oil & Natural Gas sector

A total of 6 teams participated in the competition and got an opportunity to put forth their views on the impact of budget on the customers and the respective industries, the GDP of the country and shared their recommendations on the same.

Honorable Judges for the event were: Dr. Rajeev Srivastava & FCA Jalaj Chhaya (AGM – Nexus Malls)
The competition turned out to be an insightful event for the participants as well as for the audience.
1st Position- Team “Thanos constituting of Onkar Gaonkar and Atul Kumar
2nd Position- Team “Fiscally strong” constituting of Sneha Kalliappan and
Suchismita Ghosh
Shared 3rd Position- Team “Free Thinkers” constituting of Hitakshi Artani and Paras Jatana and Team “Budgeterz” constituting of Hitasha Girotra and Kanahya Joshi


On 3rd August 2019, Samarthan and ICARUS organised ‘Frendzy’ a friendship day celebration event. There were many activities planned for the day to make students make the bond with their friends stronger. All the organisers and club members came up early and prepared for the event and decorated their respective stalls. The event started at 10 a.m. with a blast. Almost 200 students across four schools (SBM, STME, SOL, SOC) attended the event. There were various games and activities organised to bring back the nostalgia of childhood days. The tagline of the event “BYOB- Bring Your Own Friends” attracted a lot of students towards the event.

The activities included One-minute games, Cupcake rush, twister, Quiz buzz and Twin & Win

One Minute Games: The one minute games revived the inner child out of everyone. People were running, laughing, jumping and enjoying every bit of it. Everyone forgot the stress and tension and let it all out while playing games. One-minute games included Jaw the Straw, Balloon Boom and Pick the Ball. In Jaw the Straw event students had to pick the straw with their mouth and put it on the toothpicks. Next was Balloon Boom– the most fun game of the event which can be played by 2-7 people. The task was to blow the balloon, put it between the knees and start running. The one who finished the race first was the winner. The third game was Pick the Ball in which students had to hold the spoon in their mouth and try to pick the balls with that spoon and collect them in the other bowl. The winners of each game were gifted with cute little friendship band which they can wear themselves or gifted it to their

Cupcake Rush and Quiz Buzz: Describing about the most successful activity Cupcake rush, people bought more cupcakes than expected. The organisers have to arrange for more cakeslooking at the increasing demands.

Quiz Buzz was another interesting activity to let everyone check how much their friends know about them. This activity helped people build stronger bond with their friends and let them know their friends better.

Twin & Win: However, the most popular of them all were Twin & Win activity where students could twin with their friends and click pictures on the photo-booth.

The best pictures which reflected the bond and connect of the pair got the prizes from our respected Director ma’am. After the event was successful, a feedback and suggestion meeting was conducted and constructive points were conferred upon.

Budget Analysis Competition 2019

We are moving towards realising a ‘New India’ by 2022, when we celebrate 75 years of India’s independence: an India which is clean and healthy, where everybody would have a house with universal access to toilets, water and electricity; where farmers’ income would have doubled; youth and women would get ample opportunities to fulfil their dreams; an India free from terrorism, communalism, casteism, corruption and nepotism." Delivering with the same enthusiasm as our Finance Minister CA Piyush Goyal, students of NMIMS Indore chose different sectors to demystify the budget on the 6th of February,2019. The event was organized by DRAVYA- The Finance Learning Centre. The judges for the event were Dr Niranjan Shastri and Dr Rajeev Srivastava. There were 11 teams which took part in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm. There were 6 themes on which the event was based on, which are as follows:

1. Demystifying Union Budget for Common Man
2. Demystifying Union Budget for Rural India
3. Demystifying Union Budget for Industry
4. Demystifying Union Budget as a Growth Driver of India
5. Demystifying Union Budget for Youth: Energizing them through education, skills & jobs
6. Demystifying Union Budget for Digital Economy

It was overall a very knowledgeable activity and the winners for which were as follows:
1st Position- Team “Pythons” constituting of Pratik Vaidya and Sarthak Kumar and Team “The Critics” constituting of Zalak Singhvi and Yukti Rai
2nd Position- Team FY 2019-2020 constituting of Ashish Kumar and Sheikh Yajidul Islam
3rd Position- Team “The Black Box Tester” constituting of Amal Neema and Shivani Argade

 Penned down by- Aishwarya Bhargava, BBA 2nd Year


Exploration of Campus

Date: 18/07/2018

STME NMIMS Indore organized an activity for fresh students “Exploration of Campus” Activity was based on few short tasks related to experimental performance at different laboratories, gathering of information of teaching staff and cracking small puzzles.


Induction Program 2018.

Date: 16/07/18

SVKM’S NMIMS School of Technology Management &Engineering, NMIMS Indore, organized a one week Induction program for the newly admitted MBA Tech students at the institute premises on 16/07/2018. The major objective of the program was to make all the parents and students aware about the academic aspects of the course, the rules and regulations of the Institute and ensuring parental participation in monitoring the performance and progress of the students.


Magazine Launch: The Svelte Vista

In order to give students a platform to express their ideas, the Literary Committee at NMIMS Indore launched the in-house magazine named: The Svelte Vista – which means “an elegant vision”. The committee aims to keep this a periodic affair and motivated contribution of students and staff would take it to new heights in times to come.

Six Sigma Certification from KPMG

six sigma certification indore

In December 2017, the PGDM (2017-19) batch underwent a four-day training program on Six Sigma conducted by Mr. Pradeep Chittemsetty (KPMG) who is a seasoned professional and a Black Belt Six Sigma himself. The batch gained sufficient knowledge about ways to apply the principles of Six Sigma to improve the operations of any organization.

Release of Student Made Video: Live Free Live Loud

The student committee Jagruti along with a few motivated students on campus stimulated their creative bone to launch an inspirational video named live Free Live Loud. The message in the video was to never get disheartened due to negative circumstances. Rather to take on the odd situations head on and strive to make a comeback. This video can be viewed on You Tube by following the link:

SEBI Workshop

Committee Dravya organized a workshop to make the BBA batch aware about Securities Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) role in Indian Financial System. The workshop was conducted the internal resource person by Dr. Niranjan Shastri who is a CMA, to address the class about the various aspects and importance of long and short-term investment plans. He was also responsible for developing a sense of awareness regarding the money saving and investing among the class.

NMIMS-Indore Students at Inter B-school Competition


In Nov 2017 students of NMIMS-Indore participated in National Sport Event & Management Fest at a B-school in Indore. Team NMIMS-Indore represented wholeheartedly with a squad of 24 players in various events related to sports and management activities and returned with flying colors winning accolades. The team headed by Kshitij Chakraborty (PGDM) won Case Analysis Competition in management events while in sports Aishwaray S Rajput won Chess, Aman Kapoor (BBA) secured 2nd position in Table Tennis while teams of Cricket, Volleyball and Treasure Hunt managed to reach semi-finals.

Nukkad Natak: An awareness program during Swachhata Pakhwada

A group of students of NMIMS-Indore organized a Nukkad Natak at a Shopping Mall (Malhar Mega Mall), Indore during Swachhata Pakhwada in September 2017. The major objective of the program was to spread awareness about cleanliness and its implementation across the country. 20 students participated in the event. The act was filled was filled satires and puns aimed at general societal behaviors and ignorance which gave messages to be taken away by the audiences.

Independence Day Program at NMIMS-Indore

NMIMS-Indore students organized Independence Day program at institute premises on 15 Aug 2017. Dr. P. K. Chande, Director and students hoisted the national flag on the campus which was followed by the Cultural Program. The cultural program included the patriotic poems and speeches describing values to be inculcated in today’s youth. At the same time, it was an occasion to remember the sacrifice done by many freedom fighters for the motherland.