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Dr. Dharmendra Sharma

Dr. Dharmendra Sharma

Associate Professor

Degree: Ph.D. (Information Retrieval), M.E. (Specialization in Software Engineering), B.E. (Computer Engineering

Email: Dharmendra.Sharma@nmims.edu

Specialization: Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Analysis and Designing of Algorithm, Data Structure

Brief Profile:

Dr. Dharmendra Sharma is currently an Associate Professor in School of Technology Management and Engineering, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Study, NMIMS University Indore Campus. He joined as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in May 2018. He earned his doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering from MU, Chittorgarh, India in 2016. His research concentrated on the role of term weighting in the performance of Information Storage and Retrieval System. He has also worked on query knowledge enhancement and duplicate content sharing for Information Retrieval. He participated in many workshops and faculty development programs organized by IIT Bombay, NPTEL, edX, and Coursera. He is a faculty coordinator of Turing Club. As a part of Turing Club he organized various events like Data Focused hackathan- Datathon2021, Arcania Quiz I and II, Credit course on Agile Software Development ( In collaboration with TCS) and many more. He has sound knowledge on implementation and evaluation of various machine learning Algorithms, Data Science Algorithms and Model.


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