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Message from placement cell

Any new in life brings excitement and adventure to work with. At the same time, it brings a sense of responsibility to deliver up to the expectations. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Indore Campus is the newest in the NMIMS family. Being part of a family that has a lineage of over 35 years in offering quality management education puts an added sense of pride and responsibility to add to the good name earned by the parent campus.

In the era of fierce competition in every sector, higher education institutions are also not untouched from it. Today, a major determinant of the image of an institute is determined by its ability to offer relevant talent to industry that hones the skillset to become leaders in next few years. To put it in other words, the reputation of any institute is nothing but the reflected glory of its alumni. While setting up the Placement Cell at NMIMS Indore, we have kept this as our vision for next decade:

“To develop professionals who add value to the organizations they work for by their Knowledge, Attitude and Skills; demonstrate leadership potential and take pride in the sense of being NMIMS-Indore alumni.”

With the above statement as our mantra we try to take every step to realize this goal and are ready to improvise as and when required. In a short span of one year, we have developed a system of giving students various real life exposure by offering short projects round the year in which students work with companies on a daily basis after their regular classes. This process has given students a maturity to handle workplace situations better. As a result, the 1st batch of PGDM students are shortlisted for 2 months’ formal internship by top companies of the country. This has given us motivation to keep our focus intact and work hard for the final placement to be commencing after Sep-18.

With the handholding from Placement Cell at NMIMS-Mumbai along with the diligence shown by the student members of placement cell and the sincerity of the batch we are quite confident to live up to the standards of NM family and our own goals.

As Placement Cell of NMIMS-Indore, we welcome the stakeholders from industry to keep our students in their consideration set for this year’s campus placements. For more details, please refer the

Placement Brochure - Indore Campus

or write at:

Aishwary Mendke,
Placement Executive