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In addition to the classroom teaching, NMIMS-Indore keeps the regular interaction with industry guests as one of the key activities to make students aware about handling workplace issues using classroom concepts. In its pursuit, frequent area specific guest lectures are conducted which are attended by students of all the areas to develop a cross functional appetite and use best practices of other areas when they choose to work in a particular area.

Workshop on Words Worth English Language Lab

STME (School of Technology Management & Engineering, NMIMS Indore) organized a workshop by Mr. Moninder Singh for MBA Tech I and III semester students in August 2018. Mr. Singh is the Master trainer with Words-Worth English Language Lab.

The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about Words Worth English Language Lab in which Mr. Singh threw light upon the various aspects of the personality development and the ideologies of how people nowadays are drawn towards the English Language which is a universal need. He also shared the various challenges he has faced while delivering English Language like pronunciation, vocabulary grammar, delivery etc.

guest lecture august 2018 - nmims indore

Project Management for Software Engineers by Mrs. Tasneem Bunglowala

STME organized an Expert Talk by Mrs. Tasneem Bunglowala in March 2018. The major objective of the program was to make all the students aware about Project Management.

tasneem bunglowala guest lecture

The talk for the day was an interactive session throughout, i.e., the entire class was provided with her resume and based upon that, the students had formulated a set of questions which were provided to her beforehand on her request, and she spent most of the time answering those questions. The questions answered by Mrs. Tasneem threw light upon the various aspects of the IT Industry and her answers also gave a brief insight into how a programmer plays an integral role in the development of payment gateways and solutions.

Economic Reforms and Indian Capital Markets

India, in last 48 months have seen various changes and two key decisions of many which impacted the business sector directly are GST and Demonetization. To create awareness about the impact of these Economic reforms on Indian capital markets, in Feb 2018, Committee Dravya organized a session with Mr. Sukumaran K (Dean - National Institute of Securities Market). Mr. Sukumaran briefing on the history of securities market and its inception in India. Further, the batch was given an introduction to different types of financial instruments and details with respect to its rates. Mr. Sukumaran also educated the students as to how important is to Invest money in those financial instruments.

Evolution of ICT Technology & Its Management in India & Abroad

In January 2018, Committee Prodencia organized a guest session delivered by Mr. K. K. Sharma from Videocon Telecom on a very contemporary topic: The Evolution of ICT Technology & Its Management in India & Abroad. The batch got a fair idea about strong linkage of ICT technology and its various applications to the industrial world and how industry leaders use it to advantage. Icing on the cake was to learn about an in depth work life experiences of Mr. K.K Sharma and various researches conducted under him at Videocon Telecom.

GST: Its need, impact and implementation

To equip the batch about nuances of Goods & Services Tax implemented by Central Government, Committee Dravya organized a session with CA Mr. Sunil G Khandelwal. The batch was trained on the topic GST that involved its uses, need, applicability and method of taxation in comparison to the existing taxation system. The batch gained knowledge on cascading effect of current taxation system and how implementation of GST is the best alternative for the given difficulties. Mr. Sunil also briefed the class on model, proposed GST rate and the migration process from the current taxing system to GST.

Expert lecture by Dr. Rajesh Sodani

SVKM’S NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized an Expert Talk by Dr. Rajesh Sodani for MBA Tech students at the institute premises on 01/09/2017. He is a Techno-Management professional having more than 24 years of experience in Teaching, Consulting, Industrial System Designs, Management and Proficiency Development. The talk was based upon problem solving techniques and attitude to make the students industry-ready involving in live projects, strengthening center for innovations to develop entrepreneurship and industry solutions, emphasizing the importance and need for an IPR in present scenario.

Interaction with Mr. Akash Agrawal

rajesh sodani

SVKM’s NMIMS School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, organized an interaction of NMIMS Shirpur student Mr. Akash Agrawal with the newly admitted MBA Tech students at the institute premises on 17 Aug 2017. The major objective of the program was senior student could make it a point to brief the students regarding college life and academics. Akash Agrawal is CS Student, Team Captain UAS NMIMS, keen in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. The program was conducted smoothly & all the queries from students were answered during the end of session.